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At Inspired Body & Mind we offer services that cater towards your needs.

Initial Consultation

During your Initial Consultation we will discuss your medical history and current lifestyle habits, and consider future health goals you may have. We will perform a physical examination through a series of tests targeting range of motion, posture, reflexes, balance and coordination, muscle function, and nerve connectivity. These tests allow us to gain an understanding of how your body is functioning, to help determine how Chiropractic care can best benefit you.

Report of Finding

A Report of Finding is the second consultation, where we will further discuss the results of your physical examination in conjunction with a brief wellness questionnaire, and any x-rays (if they were deemed necessary to obtain), before receiving your first adjustment. We believe open communication between practitioner and patient is the best path to health, and will be upfront and honest in our recommendations to best suit your body, answering any questions you may have regarding your health journey.

Standard Consultation

Appointments henceforth are Standard Consultations where we will continue to work with you and your body to help achieve your health goals through a series of appointments that best align with your body's needs. Our primary goal is to help you achieve the healthiest you possible, to live the inspired life you deserve.

If you are a member with a private health fund, consultation fees may be partially covered by your fund. Please contact your health fund to confirm their cover rates for Chiropractic Care.

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Be Well

For us to be well, our brain and body need to communicate effectively with a nervous system that is interference free. To meet this fundamental requirement for health we all need a strategy to ensure we develop a healthy functioning spine, complete with good posture, stability and quality of movement. Our team of committed professionals are passionate about helping you to not only get well, but stay well. Let us help you live the inspired life you deserve.

Move Well

Be it exercising less often, or sitting more due to computer work, TV or driving, having an effective strategy to move well is fundamental to coping with the pressures of our modern society to move less, and fundamental to living at our best. We have found that tailoring an individual strategy for movement works best when it takes into account your commitments to work and family, your individual goals, and what you actually enjoy doing.


Eat Well

You may be aware that every second of every day our bodies re constantly replacing old cells with new ones at the rate of millions of cells per second. To be our best, we require a strategy for eating that ensures we consistently meet the specific requirements for bodily health that minimises toxicity. Fueling our body is vital to its healing processes, and essential to help it function at its full capacity so we can thrive.

Rest Well

Rest is often overlooked as a vital requirement for health and wellbeing. Having an effective sleep strategy that allows for more balance in our lives are necessary to help us get well, and stay well. Better quality sleep, efficient time management for work and family commitments, and scheduled breaks and holidays are all important factors in ensuring we create a balance to help our body function at its best.


Think Well

As Rene Descartes observed; "I think, therefore I am." Having a clear understanding and a conscious strategy for how we think is a vital requirement to living a positive and enjoyable life. Our personal philosophy, our values, and how we frame our views of the world create a mental framework for how we live and function daily. Your words and thoughts are your most powerful tool for change.